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A wearer of the Ankh is not racist, is not violent, does not eat dead or live animals, nor flesh, avoids any foods that cause putrefaction or fermentation stinking up the body and does not eat creatures with eyes. An initiate wearer, carrier or user of the Ankh honors the feminine (womb) principle as the FIRST and eldest manifestation of divine in Kosmos and on earth. She/He is cognizant of the need of Maat in a patriarchal world. Ankh supporters practice Maatriarchy - balanced execution of power in the female/male relationships. “


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Those who dig, will be the ones who find the treasure! 

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Listening to 90’s rap.. Damn I miss it..

Black people the system’s agenda and plan is at it’s all time high.. To keep us disconnected from each other, and separated.

It’s completely evident.. No one trusts each other.. The communication is not authentic.. Too many insecurities, false differences.. Many Superiority complexes within brothers & sisters.. Invalid answers for problems.

Lets get back to our highly creative ways of functioning.

How you may ask? What am I doing you may think?.. It’s not about starting a huge nonprofit, or creating a organization. Those clearly are ineffective and always targeted. It needs to be done singular. One by one. Every time I’m in contact with someone of color I’m supplying info. Providing energy to prove I’m here as a sister. Sharing cosmic knowledge, so our magic can reappear and prove our brilliance. My thoughts..


Tomb of Paschedu, Deir el Medina.

Sometimes it’s best to love family members from a distance.. Especially when all family members have a huge disconnection from one another and the mentality is completely different…

So important to see and UNDERSTAND the ROOT of the problem. Don’t blame the symptoms of the issue..

I keep my distance..



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